About Clear Thinking

Your well being is our priority

 I personally know what a powerful tool SFH is and how it can change your life for the better. During my own journey I’ve managed to take myself from a place of fear, anxiety and depression to one of joy, contentment and peace. I re-learnt how to feel happy every day. I learnt how to sleep better, I learnt how to reduce my anxiety, and even more I stopped allowing others to define my sense of self and look forward to a brighter future.
Since starting this journey I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the power and potential of hypnotherapy, and combined with a passion to help people to be the absolute best they can be, I devote my time to helping others achieve in giving them the tools they need to feel happier, calmer and self-assured every day.
The practice is a non clinical, relaxing environment that you will immediate feel 'at home' in making your sessions more enjoyable and allowing you to completely unwind in a quite setting.
So what is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you to achieve significant positive changes in your life in a relatively short amount of time by helping to change thought patterns at a subconscious level. It is a powerful combination of talking therapy and hypnosis.
As the name suggests ‘solution focused’ therapy focuses on solutions for the future rather than analysing problems of the past. This positive psychotherapy work is enhanced by the application of hypnosis.
Clear Thinking Therapy Room

Clear Thinking Therapy Room
Clear Thinking Therapy Room

Clear Thinking Therapy Room
What can it help with? Anxiety, depression, stress, Insomnia, smoking cessation, self-esteem, migraines, addiction, fears and phobias, pain, grief weight management, IBS, OCD- obsessive compulsive disorders, motivation, sports performance, anger, bed wetting, exam nerves, public speak and so much more...
If you do suffer from any of the above listed conditions or maybe a condition that’s isn’t listed, please get in touch to discuss further how hypnotherapy can possibly help you move on with your life and make those permanent changes to achieve your goals. You can either give me a call, drop me a text or email and we can book you in for a FREE initial consultation with no further obligation. All information is treated in the utmost confidence.
The first step may be the hardest - but it is also one step closer to improving your life permanently to allow you to start to: Think better, feel better, live better.
I can honestly say that I love my work, knowing what amazing results that Solution Focused hypnotherapy allows me to achieve, in helping people to turn their lives around and make such positive changes.
It would be my pleasure to work with you.