Read below what previous and current clients have said about their experience with Clear Thinking.

Before seeing Jo for hypnotherapy I struggled with social situations, I would often avoid or cancel going out and socialising with friends. I would feel self-conscious and lack confidence to do things such as go out for meals and join the gym. My anxiety at times would be overwhelming, I felt my life lacked control and life was often chaotic and unorganised.

Working with Jo was an amazing experience, she made me feel instantly relaxed and welcome as we started the session. Throughout our time together we went at my pace and I felt like I had the space to think and bring out the best in myself. The session was based on my needs and focusing on what I wanted to achieve at the end of it. Jo is amazing at what she does and knows how to read and guide her clients.

After our time together, I’m happy to say my confidence has grown, I am much more social and have final joined the gym and exercise classes in a bit to improve my confidence and self esteem further. I still get anxious, but the difference is I am now in control of it, I know how to turn it around and turn it into positive energy, so I can carry on with my day to day life without that negative voice bringing me down.

To anyone considering if to start hypnotherapy with Jo then I would say go for it, after all there is nothing to lose but so much to gain.


Life was quite dark before coming to see you.  My anxiety was really bad, I spent the day (and above all the night) worrying about everything: work, family, always seeing the negative side in everything. Moreover my self-confidence and self-esteem were so low, I felt like I was not good in anything. Working with Jo is amazing. She is just like an explosion of good energy and positiveness. Just seeing her would make you feel better. She put me at ease since our first session, she explained me step by step how the brain works and why I was feeling so stressed and agitated, and how she was going to help me to improve that.

The outcome for me was amazing. It’s unbelievable how much I have been progressing and improving after just a few sessions with Jo. My self confidence improved, I started making big changes both in my working life and in my private life, everyone noticed it at work and at home. Just me at the beginning didn’t seem to realise how much stronger and assertive and positive I was becoming. My anxiety level is so low now and when anxiety  kicks in, because it still does, it’s life, I know I have the tools to fight it and shut it down , because I am in control. I will never thank Jo enough for that. She empowered me and by doing that changed my life in better.

I would suggest anyone suffering from stress, low self esteem, anxiety or any addition or phobia, to try hypnotherapy, because it really helps, it really makes a difference and in a small time. It just opened a total new perspective and a new world for me, and it won’t work just temporarily but in the long term.


Before I started seeing Jo my life was kind of like a roller coaster. Sometimes I was happy and sometime I was sad, angry and  felt worthless a lot of the time. I had a lot of mood swings, I started to self harm and had regular suicidal thoughts.

Working with Jo was lots of fun. Jo helped me understand myself and others in my life about what they were going through. Jo gave me the consolation first and it was a smooth transition. I didn’t even realised how long I had been seeing her for until I counted in my book.

So far I’m feeling a lot happier, calmer and more understanding of others in my life. From before I did not take risks but now I do and I struggled hanging out with friends but now I do without a second though. It has given me the knowledge of myself to know what to do in times of anger and hurt.

To others considering using Jo’s services I would say give it a go. It cannot harm you in anyway and it is quiet relaxing when you get into it. It will make you see in a different way. And trying something new won’t hurt you


My life before working with Jo was dull, I felt like I was just existing. I found working with you very relaxing and positive, Jo helped me see things in a different view. I feel the out come is rewarding and positive for me. I feel like me again. And I look at situations differently and not negatively. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy, it helps you in many ways, keeps you focused and relaxed.


My life was a circle of getting caught up in a routine of work, teenagers, hubbie, dog, housework, elderly parents and menopause. A lethal combination at my age! I was not happy and that rubbed off on the rest of the family. I needed to get the old me back and have more fun with the family. If Mum’s happy, everyone’s happy! From day one Jo has made me feel totally relaxed and open to telling her exactly how I felt about my life warts and all!

Through my regular sessions with Jo and emptying my ‘stress bucket’ she has made me feel like me again which is priceless. I am having fun, doing things that make me happy and getting a better balance of dealing with all that normal family life throws at me – hormones and all! Give it a go, you have nothing to lose and Jo is an absolute natural at dealing with her clients in the most professional and empathetic way.


My life was very stressful, I over thought things and ate for comfort/rewards. You make me feel at ease and comfortable, your positivity is great to be around. I’m making better decisions with food and planning what I’m going to eat, people around me have already noticed the difference in me. I would say 100% try it as it’s really changed my whole thought process.